Akashic Journey & Light Language

Healing Ceremony

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May 25, 2024


3 Hours


($99 with The 3 Ceremony Special)

If you cannot make a live ceremony date or time, sitting with the ceremony recording will work equally powerfully for you.

In the ceremony, you will be able to directly access your Akashic Records, where all of your soul's records of the past, present, and future are stored in the Quantum Field.

You will be safely & comfortably guided into a theta & delta brainwave state trance to receive healings and interdimensional support & guidance, sober and in the comfort of your own home.

You will:

🕊️ Create/Connect to The Future Timeline of Your Desire Vividly & Strongly to Manifest it into Your Reality

🕊️ Be guided to experience your other Incarnations and Timelines, including possibly those not on Earth, that have ties to your current issues in life.

🕊️ Trauma or Emotional Pain Imprint Healing to heal negative energy imprints & start receiving Physical Body Healing

🕊️ Receive DNA Activations, Healing and Direct Guidance from Your Spirit Team, Primordial Light Source, Galactic Beings, Collectives and Councils of Light, Archangels, and Ascended Masters (such as Yeshua, Sananda, Yogananda, Buddha, Isis, St. Germain, & many others).

🕊️ Receive DNA activations that may ignite beautiful gifts & abilities, such as the ability to help heal others more powerfully.

🕊️ Receive Emotional & Cognitive Recalibration, Clearing, and Healing

My interdimensional team and my intentions are to help you navigate your awakening journey with more grace & beauty, allowing your ascension path to become much less heavy and foggy.

All ceremonies are over Zoom as energy healing works equally powerfully over distance when all parties are comfortable in their own spaces. So please make sure to be fully hydrated, bathed (with salt scrub to wash off others' energies), relaxed, and grounded before you begin the ceremony.

Dragon Temple Ceremony = Combination of QHHT Past Life Regression + Trauma Transmutative Healing + Galactic Reading + Reiki Energy Healing + Full System Clearing

Testimonials From Previous Ceremonies

Free Gift:

It is my pleasure to gift you a comprehensive book on

Light Language Channeling

by Sofia (KUA) upon registering, so that you may have a better understanding

on how our Light Language Ceremony works.


if you do not feel any difference after your ceremony,

we would love to invite you to a second ceremony free of charge.

Sending you warmth, love, and fearless


Harmony Onyu Lee